Baking Powder

Baking Powder

  • Product Name: Baking Powder
  • ready baking powder with standardized  proprieties for all kinds of cakes and chemically leavened pastries.

    Product description:

    Consistency : Powder, Colour : White, Odour/Taste: Neutral semi-odourless with an acid effervescent taste.


    Efficient for use in patisseries , and desserts shops, easy to handle, and cost-effective, Combine the high activity and the cost reduction, Available in different packaging, Controlled gas and aeration rate, It can be supplied tailor made to suit the costumer specialty  product.


    Keep closed in a dry place, 16-20 °C, away from odour-intensive  products.

    Shelf life:

    At least 24 months of production date in its unopened original package under a.m. conditions.

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