Bread and Pasties Improvers

Bread and Pasties Improvers

  • Product Name: Bread and Pasties Improvers
  • Whatever Your Product Is, We Have The Suitable Improver

    What do you produce? Frozen dough! Rolls! Baguette! French bread! Flat bread (Arabian or Turkish type)! Hamburger uns! Pizza! Croissant! Donut! Variety Grain Bread!... These products and others will become better and better with ur Rino family improvers . .

    Whatever you wont you can have just with a little of our improvers.. What do you wish?

    Shorter kneading time! More fermentation tolerance! More stable dough! Fine crumb! Greater volume yield! Better taste! Prolonged shelf life! Spongy crumb! Good crispy crust! Larger baked volume! Soft crust with bigger volume! Tender crumb! Boosted oven rising! Enhanced browning and improved flavor! ... These wishes and others will become truths and facts with our Rino family improvers ....

    Our improvers are free of potassium bromate.

    Usage dose:

    Depend on product, production method, raw materials, and the improver used, but commonly it range from 0.100 %  F.B. to 1 .000 % F.B.

    Storage: Keep closed in a dry place, 16-20 °C, away from heat sources.

    Shelf life: At least l2 months of production date in its unopened original package under the above-mentioned conditions.

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