Ready Cake Mixes

Ready Cake Mixes

  • Product Name: Ready Cake Mixes
  • Rino offers a whole range of mixes for sponges, cakes and other baked confectionery items, One thing they all have in common is consistency - not just in taste, but in behavior too, With Rino cake mixes, mouth-watering results are guaranteed, with all the classic textures one would expect from these specialties. With Rino complete mixes and Easy bases, you can spend more time on finishing and decoration  .

    Many types of easy to prepare ready cake mixes are available

    Dream Madeira cake, Reduced egg sponge cake, Chocolate sponge cake, Vanilla sponge cake, Swiss rolls .


    Keep closed in a dry place, 16-20 °C, away from odour-intensive products.

    Packing units with a rest of Perfect® Baking Powder should be used soon in order to avoid losses of activity, and to avoid moisture absorption from the atmosphere.  Please keep packing well clean and closed.

    Shelf life:

    At least 24 months of production date in its unopened original package under a.m. conditions.

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