• Product Name: Chocolate
  • Professionals in the fields of chocolate - coating or - dipping and food decoration can explore their creativity using our Rino Couverture Chocolate .

    It is available in both kinds, dark or white milk chocolate.

    Now you can bring your innovation towards its maximum using these exclusive Rino chocolate products.

    As with all foods, consumers judge patisserie with their eyes, nose and palate. So Rino couverture offer the tools to help the trade attract their customers' senses : Taste, smell, shining and wonderful mouth feeling of Rino Couverture Chocolate.

    We in Rino provide you not only with wonderful chocolate but also with all the needed technical support. You can discover this by reading our Chocolate World book.


    Should be stored under dry condition at room temperature away from sun light and heat sources.

    Shelf life:

    At least 12 months of production date in its unopened original package under a.m. conditions.

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