Chantilly Cream

Chantilly Cream

  • Product Name: Chantilly Cream
  • Product description:

    Consistency : Powder, Colour: White to light yellow, Odour/Taste: Neutral-milky.


    Efficient for use in patisseries, and desserts shops, easy to prepare, and cost-effective . combine the delicious taste for the consumer and the cost reduction for the manufacturer. Available in different types: light or creamy & plain or flavored and/or coloured.

    Rino Chantilly Cream powder can be added to the ice cream mix to improve the ice cream consistency and increase the volume yield.

    Directions of use:

    Just add Rino Chantilly Cream powder to cool liquid and whip with an electric hand mixer at high speed for 3-4 minutes until the foam gets creamy and light. Liquid can be water or milk; depending on the desired creamy and fatty taste or light taste but we recommend to start with a ratio of 2.5 weigh parts of liquid to each 1 weigh part of Rino Chantilly Cream powder The ratio of liquid substance to powder substance to Rino Chantilly Cream powder can be varied in a wide range (from 2 .5 to 4 .16 ) to adjust the final product in accordance with the individual requirements. Please note that mixing time affects the final Chantilly cream consistency. Long mixing times produce light foamy cream with high overrun and low taste. Short mixing times produce heavy foam with low overrun and high fatty taste. Refrigeration will improve texture and taste.The final creamy product can be used for decoration, like piping.


    In a cool and dry place, at 16-24 °C, away from heat sources and odour-intensive  products.

    Shelf life:

    At least 12 months of production date in its unopened original package under 15-25 °C in cool dry place.

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