Food Flavors

Food Flavors

  • Product Name: Food Flavors
  • Food Flavors

    “Without colors or Flavors, life would be … tasteless”

    "Its nature generosity who teaches us how to offer you the plenty wonderful natural tastes for your products!", We produce food flavors for all kinds of food industries.

    Our flavors are formulated to suit every special application They are available in powder and liquid forms. Oil-soluble and water-soluble forms are available. Emulsion flavors for beverage industry and special flavors for narghile tobacco (hubble-bubble,water pipe or hookah) are available too.

    We can produce heat-stable flavors. We are on the way towards producing the high stable encapsulated flavors ,under highly aseptic conditions & using the most modern Production Lines supported with the highest development in flavor technology, we keep giving you the best quality.

    A wonderful world of unlimited life flavors

    Tropical fruit, Mint, Spices & condiments , Caramel & vanilla , Spices mixes, Vegetable & Meat, Citrus fruit , Garden Fruits, Cheese, Coffee & cocoa, Nuts, Red fruits & Berry fruits, Dairy product, Flower, Honey Sweets & Pastry, Plant.

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