Millbo® Gel

Millbo® Gel

  • Product Name: Millbo® Gel
  • Our Millbo® Gel has been made after many years of hard long time researches and trials . It Occupied the top position between alike competitive products as a result of our own very special high technology applied in its production.

    Our researches leaded us to discover that the secret behind the success of this type of cake improver is not just the high carefully selected ingredients and formulation  but also in the applied production method and technology.

    Product description:

    Colour: colourless slightly transparent, Odour: neutral, Taste: neutral, Consistency at 20 °C: pasty, Delivery form: paste.

    Application Area :

    Millbo® Gel is an aerating emulsifier in paste form for the manufacture of: Sponge cake, Madeira cake, Swiss roll,  pound cake, fruitcake, marble cake, multi layers cakes and other similar applications.

    Benefits and advantages:

    Longer saleable shelf life cake with better and more freshness and moistness.

    Homogenous cake production with a symmetrical fine crumb and uniform structure.

    It is a ready-to-use improver, easy to process, and compared with other competitive products, it has the maximum activity with a long shelf life and free of preservatives.

    Better aeration and improved yield even with reduced egg content so lower recipe cost.

    It can be used virtually in all cake recipes ranging from low fat sponge cake to high fat rich pound cake.

    It makes possible to replace part of egg content and fat/oil with water and solids such as starch without detracting the final cake quality.

    Excellent aeration with a very good batter stability providing larger volumes with greater softness, better grain and texture.

    Faster and easier cake making by the ability to use "all in one" method using Millbo® Gel.

    Better eating quality, Better taste and aroma with tuned browning appearance.

    Usage dose:

    1 to 2.5% of the total batter weight depending on the type and ingredients of the cake. Storage: stored in cool (15 °C ---25 °C) and dry place.


    l2 months from production date, stored in the un-opened original package at the above-mentioned conditions .

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