Rino Maize

Rino Maize

  • Product Name: Rino Maize
  • From now on; you don't have to worry about being bitter from unhealthy spoiled mayonnaise; as you can prepare it by yourself at home without adding egg!


    All what you have to do is to add 250 grs  water and 250 grs oil  to one sachet of rinomaise so have 500 grs of tasty mayonnaise ( use high speed mixer when adding the water to  sachet content; after full dissolve add oil gradually)


    Egg free, Easy to prepare, Long shelf life, Everlasting delicious flavor


    Store in cold & dry place (15 C -25C)  away from odorous and heat sources.

    Shelf life:

    12 months under recommended storage conditions in original unopened pack

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