• Product Name: Merwar®
  • Product description:

    A decorating agent; add desirable shine, color & flavor to the final product, Easy Use to use cold jelly, applied on bakeries, fruits, and even on cream topping granting & a shiny reserving film


    effectual for use in Patisserie & bakeries, easy to apply and use, cost effective; combine producing a brightening shine & extending shelf life for the final product, attracting more customers for the final products by adding delicious flavor & smell.

    Available varieties:

    Clear (without flavor or color) Merwar, Strawberry Merwar, Raspberries Merwar, Chocolate Merwar, Caramel Merwar, Mango Merwar, Banana Merwar, A tailor-made types can be produced upon request.


    Take the requested quantity in a clean and dry instrument and stir thoroughly so that the structure of the material turn to liquid; then immediately apply; as the product will   return back to its original jelly conditions if the stir is stopped


    Store in tightly closed pack in dry place (15 °-25 °) away from heat and odorous sources

    Shelf life:

    l2 months under recommended storage conditions in original unopened pack

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